Monday, May 26, 2014

My Frog is Back

Croak Croak Croak... it's has been many years since the sound of the croaking of the frogs had been absent from my yard. And tonight, the biggest baddest frog in the North American continent has graced me with his presence. He is croaking relentlessly... from the bottom of his throat. Calling out to all the frogs in the neighborhood.. And i do not hear a response. My frog is alone.

There was a time when all sorts of tiny frogs lived in my back yard, and brought much joy to my boys and their friends who screamed and shrieked in delight in search of these baby frogs... i believed then, as i do now, that frogs are the sign of love. I honestly believe if mother nature loves me, she will send me frogs. Frogs change, morph and mutate. They live in water and on land. To me frogs symbolize change, endurance, resilience and survival. And so, when they grace me with their presence, i believe that they bring change, endurance and resilience.

And then, one day, when there were several dozen frogs jumping around in the back yard, a murder of crows [yep, that's right.. a group of crows is called a murder] landed in the back yard while flying over head, and decimated the whole population of frogs.

All that was left was a frog-less yard. A sad sad garden with no frogs. ... For that, and many other reasons, my garden chose to forsake me. The flowers chose to shy away from their blooms... my newly planted shrubs retired away from the light and chose the earth as a better blanket. The yard was no longer a welcoming zen paradise for me, but a reminder of many huge failures, personal and otherwise.

And so he croaks loud and louder.. and as he croaks, i am all smiles. Change, Endurance and Resilience! ... we are all tested, one way or the other. We each travel life's journey solo with some heavy turns and set backs. And every once in a while, we fail. We get bloodied up. We bundle ourselves in a ball and cry until we no longer have tears to cry, and then we get up, shake the dirt off, and walk some more and greet the good, the fabulous and the excellent...

Because life, is after all, Change, Endurance and Resilience.... and now i know, patience too.

Signing off...
on a resilient night, with the awesomest smile on my face.
May 26, 2014

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