Thursday, March 20, 2014

And on this awesome evening, ... where i am above the ground, i am thankful for yet another Spring... 

Thanks to all those who have been part of the garden which is my life: Some have been the lone trees that have stood guard in my life, yet some have been the stronger trees that have allowed me repose in difficult times. Some, the smaller trees or the cozy shrubs have brought me shade, pleasure and beauty. 

Some friends appeared for a season, others have been evergreen. Some are like weed, they come, they destroy and they leave or have to be sprayed away. Some bring bees with themselves, others butterflies. Some are like grass, others like ass. Some are wonderful flowers that appear in bunches, others appear as a surprise, others on a vine. Some come with thunder, some with sunshine. Some appear in the shade.

So whether you've brought me a flower or some greens, some bees or a few climbers, some roots, or fruits or just weeds... i am thankful to each of you for your presence in the crazy place that i call my Garden...


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