Saturday, April 20, 2013

Juicing, Day 4: Reflections of a anti-establishment skeptic.

If you know me, you know that i am an anti establishment type of person.  I don't like rules, i don't like structured organizations, i don't like hierarchy, i don't like norms, i don't like standards.  If everyone goes to the left, i will go to the right.  If everyone decides to do something today, i will find a way to not join the movement.

So, what does that have to do with Juicing?  well... this Juicing craze around me is nuts.  Everyone and their mother has started Juicing.  Every time i walk into court, every Naneh-Ghamar [Joe Blow]  that i see is ranting and raving about their Juicer and the benefits of Juicing.  So, i'd listen, look, and typical of how i do things, roll my eyes and dismiss it as yet another fad.

When you're busy planning life, life makes other plans for you.  That's how my trainers and i met. A pair of German trainers, with the precise engineering of MBZ and/or BMW.  Natasha Fett and her Husband, who i lovingly call "Godzilla's brother", have decided to make me their poster child for weight loss, fitness & healthy eating [i guess my passion for Saucy Italian foods, Steaks, Vodka, and the finest of French Pastries are considered mortal sins in the fitness world]

So, reluctantly, unwillingly, kicking and screaming all the way, making all the excuses in the world, i have started on this road.  The fitness report is yet to come, as i am really really lazy.  But let's talk about this Juicing phenomenon.

She delivers 6 containers a day, each containing the juices of Raw fruits and vegetables.  Each container is a different color juice.  I can only assume there is a reason to not mix greens w/ yellows and/or reds.  [i remember years ago reading something about cancer therapy treatments using raw vegeterianism & color separation in healing the body] They're pretty delicious.  So that's my food for the day.  I drink a glass of water before, and one after, and hydrate in between.  Meanwhile, i have stopped at every single bathroom in town.  My aunt used to say:  "shAshou, shAshou sharmandeh, jArou beh dombesh bandeh".. Yeah, well, that's me these days.

In the last 3 1/2 days, i have gone to 2 dinner parties.  You have to understand that i have NO, NONE, ZERO will power.  i have no ability or desire to stay away from food, or alcohol, or whatever. Life has wrapped enough rules around me, i don't need to add more rules.  So, food and alcohol are my indulgences.  But these past two nights, smelling and watching all these fabulous fares, i had NO urge to dip in and eat.  I walked in on a huge Belgian Waffle breakfast this morning, and was able to walk away without a second thought.  Ordinarily, i would have added whipped cream, strawberries and would have joined the festivities  Interestingly enough, i have had no food coma either.  I have resisted buying a sofa for my office fearing that i might end up napping there like a mountain lion every afternoon.  I have had no desire to take those dreaded afternoon naps in the office either... i have not sat behind the computer, staring at the screen like a vacant brained zombie either.

i have been energetic, peppy, fresh.  For those of you, who like me, are over the age of 40 and find yourself waking up at night, for a number of different reasons... i have NOT woken up either.  Last night, i slept like a log, [the first time in MONTHS] that i slept thru the night without the need to pee, check on the kids, listen to the coyotes, pee, pull covers on top of me, push covers away from me, pee, think about my retirement, pee, think about my trials, ponder about existence,  build a survival shed in case of an earthquake...

The scale is not cooperating fully yet.  But that's ok.  I am cool with that.  As long as i don't come up to a plate of rice, tah-dig, barbari bread and lose complete will power,... or pasta, or "napoleon" or noun-khameyi! and i am glad to report that i was able to resist Sushi, Saki, Ghormeh Sabzi, absinthe and an amazing fabulous looking stuffed Poblano Pepper, etc...

Why am i sharing this with you?  because i know many of you, my friends or followers read my page and even if you don't make comments, you are present here.  So, if you have ever thought about doing this, don't hesitate.  DO IT.  Get rid of this Carb poisoning, and clean out your system.  It's really not that hard, not difficult and totally feasible.  

And maybe, we can share notes and compare experiences as we bump into each other in different bathrooms of town.

signing off...