Saturday, November 7, 2015

Was It Good For you?

November 7, 2014.

I walk into court today. It's a couple of days after prop 47 has passed which means many low level felonies will now be reduced to misdemeanors by operation of law.
My client is facing multiple cases all around the county. Prior to Prop 47, including his probation violations and his 4 open cases, he would be facing several years in State Prison. Most of his charges are drug related from use, to sales...Now, because of prop 47, i can finally get him into long term rehabilitation as opposed to warehousing him in state prison.
Today, he is being arraigned on several charges which were felonies when he was arrested. As I approached the prosecutors desk, I realize the deputy sitting at the desk today is an old old colleague of mine. I met him 24 years ago when I was a law clerk at the District Attorney's Office.
Over the years, being on the same side, or being on opposite sides of cases, we have formed a professional relationship which allows us to frankly and openly discuss the facts of our case and reach socially just and acceptable results.
I slowly go up to him. Judge is off the bench. The Courtroom is quietly bustling with the business of the day...
Me: Hey love... How you been.
DA: Hey girl, what brings you to my courtroom?
Me: [with an exuberant and effervescent tone] you gonna give me my first prop 47 reduction today...
DA: I am gonna be your first
ME: You gonna be my first. Talk dirty to me ...
DA: ok. you ready?
Me: ready ready... talk to me talk to me...

The Judge takes the bench, and the case is called. DA goes on the Record and says: Count I is reduced to a misdemeanor. Count II is reduced to a misdemeanor. Count III is also reduced to misdemeanor.

We take care of the rest of the issues... Defendant is given the opportunity to enroll in an In Patient Rehabilitation Program...
Judge goes off the Bench..

I walk to the DA. He looks at me and says:
DA: was it good for you...?
ME: it was good for me... was it good for you??

and we both laugh until tears roll down our cheeks.
Some days, i just love the practice of criminal defense.
Have an Awesome week-end, everyone.

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