Monday, May 25, 2015


Open Letter to Senator Graham

I am a Patriotic Iranian-American, a wife, a mother, a constitutional defender, a community leader and a tax-payer.    
And you Sir, are misinformed. 

Your comment about Iranians being liars is vitriolic and offensive and bespeaks mountains about how little you know Iranians and/or the Iranian history and culture.
You Sir, are ill-informed

We the Iranians, through Cyrus the Great brought religious freedom and tolerance to the world 2500 years ago.  We illuminated the hallways of superstition with Avecinna’s science and medicine while the rest of Europe was drowning in the dark ages.   We introduced spirituality and love of mankind through Rumi when the rest of the world was preoccupied with conquest and war.
And you Sir, are un-enlightened. 

It is Iranian-American Anousheh Ansari, First Female Private Space Explorer who opened the frontiers of space to Private citizens.  It is Iranian-American Pierre Omidvar, CEO of Ebay who recalibrated the boundaries of Internet trade.  It is Iranian-American Dara Khosrowshahi, President and CEO, Expedia, Inc who has redefined travel for the world.  It is Iranian-American Atossa Soltani, founder and President of Amazon Watch who has brought protection to the Amazon against Corporate plunder. It is Iranian-American Parisa Khosravi Senior Vice President for CNN Worldwide, who has brought balanced and fair reporting to the world. 
And you Sir, are un-educated. 

It is the likes of Iranian Shirin Ebadi, Human Rights activist and Nobel Laureate;  Iranian-American Goli Ameri, Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs; Iranian-American Jimmy Delshad, former Mayor of Beverly Hills; Honorable Judge Shahla Sabet, that have brought diversity and tolerance to the fields of Law, Human rights and politics.
And you Sir, are bigoted and divisive.

Your poor attempt at climbing the political ladder by demonizing a rich, vast and convoluted nation of People is deceptive, dishonest and disingenuous. 
And you Sir, are the liar.

We demand a retraction AND an apology…

Alaleh Kamran
Attorney At Law
Iranian-American, wife, mother,
constitutional defender, community leader
Memorial Day, 2015:

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