Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Conundrum of Kim Kardashian's derriere!!

The conundrum circling around Kim Kardashian’s ass has split the opinions on my Facebook literally  in two.  The one half are grossed out, disgusted and revolted so violently, you’d think we’re witnessing a public dismemberment and quartering in the middle of a town square during the Middle Ages.  The other half express emotions of delight, adoration and adulation as if a lost member of the family has suddenly reappeared after having been lost at sea for years.  

And a few including myself are ambivalently stuck in between the left and the right, firmly held in place by the belief that no opinion is needed on Kim Kardashian’s ass.  Excuse the tongue in cheek, I have a hard time escaping the deliciousness of the play on words.

Why is Kim’s ass of such gigantic consequence for me to have to pull over to the side of the road, on my way back from Court to write these few lines??  While we may have been overwhelmed by the glitz, glamour and shine of the maxim that “sex sells”, it is not Kim’s ass that is at issue.  

Ladies, OUR collective ass is on the line.  How dare we judge one of our sisters' figure, lest we allow others to judge OUR thighs, our stomachs, our boobs, our nose, our chin, and other body parts?  How dare we attach measurements, calibrations and standards of “beauty” and “ugliness” to body parts that are what they are?  Have we not suffered enough by being told to be thin, to be svelte, to be lithe, to be this and to be that?   Have we not driven ourselves into madness by going from one diet to another, from one surgery to another, from a nip and a tuck, to a lipo and a suction? From Botox, to fillers, to implants, and ….  

Have we not pushed our daughters into conforming to ridiculous concepts of  THINNESS and beauty that is only achieved through starvation, surgery and photoshop??  Has the fashion industry not enslaved and objectified us enough?  

Which one of us has a god given perfect figure? WHAT is a perfect figure?  Who is there to say that an ass must be small or big? Or giggly or tight?  Who is there to tell me or YOU, or your daughters what the definition of beauty is? Why do we sit in judgment of ONE of our own and become so violent in critique??  how many of us can stand in front of the mirror and look at our own body and say:  "i am gorgeous as i am" without comparing ourselves to the Angelina's, the KK's, the Sophia Lorens etc...

We, as women have rightfully bemoaned, loathed and hated our servitude to men.  Our bodies have been used over several millenia in war as trophies, in battle as a refuge, in fights as resting places, in anger as punching bags, in trade as booty, in booty as objects...  With blood, tear, and our lives, slowly over thousands of years, we have finally achieved freedom, over our bodies, our heads, our thoughts and our actions.  

Why are we sitting in judgment of our sisters?   You think she is dumb?  How is she dumb?  She is on the front page of every magazine, and has made a fortune and is living a life grander and larger than many of us can imagine.  She has done so by having business savvy.   How is that wrong?  How is it wrong for her to have claimed her body, her mind and her intelligence to create an empire?  Why is it OK for VOGUE, HARPER'S BAZAAR, W, GLAMOUR or other fashion magazines to use and abuse and take advantage of models to make millions?  But it is NOT ok for KIM to use her own assets to create an empire?  

Isn’t the whole definition of empowerment the ACTUAL ability and power to do as one wishes to do?  It may not be what you and I may do, but we, as women, do not have the luxury to sit in judgment of those amongst us who have chosen to live by their own standards.  PERSONAL FREEDOM & LIBERTY are the cornerstones of our constitutional Republic.   Do not curtail your sister’s rights… by doing so, you are implicitly allowing others to curtail YOURS and Mine.  … 

Such cannot be.

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