Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Truths of the Criminal Justice System

22 years in the Criminal Justice world, i have learned: 

1) Not all guilty men are convicted, and not all innocent men walk.
2) Some of the real criminals are not the ones who are facing charges, but rather are sitting on the bench. 
3) Within each defendant, there is a Cop dying for a chance to prove himself.
4) Within each Cop, there is a criminal one step away from reality.
5) Cops are the greatest party animals. 
6) Drug addicts and Alcoholics are the sweetest and most misunderstood creatures on earth. 
7) The most hateful and judgmental people are religious people, often rationalizing their judgments on Religion & God.
8) There is a reason we have two words for Law and Justice. Because one is NOT the other. The merging of the two becomes EQUITY, and we dont have courts of Equity!
9) The more handsome or prettier the defendant, the better the justice they get.
10) A Black Man will never get the justice that a White Man gets. 
11) Black Jurors have more sympathy for the White defendants than White Jurors have for Black Defendants.

12) Justice CAN and IS bought on a daily basis.