Saturday, February 9, 2013

The LAPD and Christopher Dorner

I have approximately 4000 people on my page, twitter and FB account... Of this number, i can confidently say that approximately 50 of you, have been brutalized by the LAPD... You all know who you are: when you talked to the cops and they beat you up for no reason, when they arrested you and called you a fucking terrorist and put the cuffs on you so tight that you still have nerve damage... and somehow or another, none of those brutalities showed up in the police reports. You know when your money was seized, and only part of it showed up in the policer reports.

You know who you are because when I filed Pitchess Motions for you, the cases quietly were dismissed.

Christopher Dorner has gone off the deep end, but his version of the Cover up at the LAPD is not too far from the reality that takes place in the corrupt rank and file.

NOW IS YOUR TIME: So, pick up the phone, write emails, to the LA Times, to CNN, to NBC, to Fox News, ... tell them about your experience and the absolute failure of the LAPD to clean up the shit that has infiltrated it... A few bad cops are ruining it for a ton more.