Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Life of a Criminal Defense Lawyer.

I have seen men of iron will collapse to their knees; 
I have seen women of steel fall apart like chalk.   
I have seen tears of blood, shattered hearts, broken lives, and lives cut short... i have seen it all... 
i have seen dead bodies on the ground because of drugs, guns or accidents... 
i have seen zombies, who were alive while their soul was dead...

My soul has lived a thousand lifetimes.. 
i have woken up drenched in sweat, my heart pounding, at times because i found a viable defense while i was sleeping... 
at times, because i was dreaming of the innocent teen-age client who is doing a triple life sentence on contaminated evidence. 

Mothers have entrusted me with their children. Others have said: "first god, then you"... Loved ones have sat in my office picking up pieces of their shattered lives...

Like Sisyphus, i have carried this stone up the mountain, to watch it roll down time and again. Like Alexander, i have faced the Gordian knot time and again... 

i have tried to bring light where there was nothing but darkness. There are times that i won, .. and so often, i have failed. In the process, i have been polished like a mirror, buffed by adversity.

All those who look at me watch with wonder and amazement... yet very few see the pain, and the awesome burden that is part of my daily routine... With every case, my soul is spliced. With every defeat, i am ripped apart... 

There is no victory that is sweet enough to wash down the bitterness of those cases that should have been won, and yet were lost because the government was corrupt, the cop dirty, or the judge biased.

Protect your liberties. Cherish your rights. Soon enough, there will be none left. 

My name is Alaleh Kamran.
I am a Criminal Defense Attorney.

I am Constitutional Defender.

I am a Citizen Journalist.

And this is my blog. Welcome to my world.